Most plants offered for sale are also grown in our own gardens.

  • Many of the varieties are raised from cuttings and seed gathered in our own gardens.
  • All our plants are established and thriving and, at nearly 1000 feet above sea level, are proved to be hardy.
  • We grow some native species alongside the stock plants in the gardens. Several of these are included in our list.

Many of our plants are rare or unusual.

  • We grow over 200 species and cultivars of hardy geraniums, many of which are listed in our catalogue.
  • The gardens have dedicated environments for our ever-expanding collections of shade loving woodland plants, damp dwelling bog plants and ferns, and sun drenched border and patio perennials.

All plants offered for sale are well developed and well rooted.

  • All the plants that we offer for sale have been well established over time and hardened off outside, ready for immediate planting in your garden.
  • All our plants are potted in peat free compost with long-lasting slow-release plant food (small buff-coloured beads) in 11cm. pots to give them the best possible start in your own garden.

Caring for the environment.

  • We use peat-free compost.
  • We regularly use biological pest control.
  • Watering is aided by a large rainwater collection system discreetly located in the hillside above the nursery area.